The furnace is managed and regulated by an electronic micro-processor control and has been designed and built to carry out the sintering, in dental laboratories, of products, such as bridges, crowns, caps, obtained by milling, by means of machining centers, of zirconium oxide (zirconia) in the semi-sintered state. The oven can operate with 20 programs, or heating cycles, which can be set and stored following the instructions of the zirconium oxide supplier. Max temperature 1650 °C.
Up to 6 phases can be set for each program and 3 variables for each phase:

  1. Temperature
  2. Rate of rise
  3. Stationing time.

It can perform: slow cycles (rise rate 5 ° C / min: rise time 5 hours); fast cycles (rise speed 20 ° C / min: rise time 80 minutes). In addition, a switch-on delay of up to 100 hours can be set.

Input voltage:

230 V ac – 50/60 Hz.


2500 W.

Overall dimensions:

39(L) x 25(P) x 50(H) cm.


53 Kg.