Device which allows photopolymerization of all active photo materials available on the market. It is equipped with 8 fluorescent lamps and one 150W halogen lamp, arranged around a rotating plate, which emits UVA rays and white light (photopolymerization range 320/550 nm). It also has a cooling fan so it is possible to work for long periods of time without overheating the materials. During photopolymerization, the inside temperature does not exceed 50°C. Through an electronic microprocessor control it is possible to set a cycle either with or without the halogen lamp, to set photopolymerization time, to run or not run the final cooling cycle. Standard equipment: four 4* 9 W PLS910 lamps – four 4* 9 W PLS952 lamps – one 150 W halogen lamp – five support pins – one perforated Plexiglas plate.

Input voltage:

230 V ac 50/60 Hz.


320 W.

Overall dimensions:

22(L) x 28(P) x 25(H) cm.


10 kg.