Low frequency induction casting for the melting of all the dental alloys. It is endowed with a latest generation generator which allows to obtain low melting times and to control the melting itself in order to not overheat any type of alloy both the shoddy and the precious ones. The casting of the metal into the cylinder is created by the centrifugal force and the rotation movement of the arm before the melting is automatic, rapid and clear. The arm is endowed with a fixed positions counterweight. It uses four Degussa cylinders (1X, 3X ,6X, 9X) but you can use any type of cylinder, also the free expansion
ones. The machine doesn’t have to be connected to the hydro-net because it is endowed with a closed-circuit forced temperature reduction. When you install the machine remember to fill up the tank with distillate water. (15 liters).

Input voltage:

230 V ac 50/60 Hz.


2500 W.

Overall dimensions:

60(L) x 51(P) x 91(H) cm.


83 kg.